New Date: 16 – 18 April

Dedicate two days to yourself in beautiful nature and the strong Energy Field of the Open Sky Retreat Center. Come more in contact with yourself and expand your Inner Love, Peace and Freedom.

The Weekend is for those who want to…

…explore themselves with more Consciousness and Awareness

…get rid of inner stress and feel more Peace and Joy inside

…find a deeper meaning and connectedness in life

…live more in the Present Moment

…Transform their Life


The Team

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Reiki Master and Psychologist

Organiser and
Mantra Singer


Heart Dance Leader

Our experienced Yoga and Meditation Teachers will guide you into the Present Moment. In a group of like minded people we explore the Deeper Meaning of Life and become more aware of the patterns of our thoughts and emotions which Inhibit us to live our Full Potential.

All Teachers have been working together with John David, who is a Realised Master of Non-Duality (Advaita) for many years.

Since 15 years John David is the Spiritual Guide of the Open Sky House Satsang and Art Communities in Ukraine, Spain and Germany. Almost unique in Europe these Centers are pathbreaking places for Self Realisation and Spiritual Transformation and have Deeply Touched and Transformed hundreds of people from many different countries.

Community Organizer

Indira – is since 14 years a student and close assistant of John David and since 12 years the manager of the International Open Sky Community. In the ZOOM Meeting she offers a Space for sharing Experiences and Questions.

More information about the Open Sky House communities and John David:

Contact and Registration

Feel free to contact us for questions. Reserve your space by getting in touch.

Phone: +38 067 6123216