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Meditation, Yoga, Mantra and Heart Dance

Dedicate two days to yourself in beautiful nature and the strong Energy Field of the Open Sky Retreat Center. Come more in contact with yourself and expand your inner love, peace and freedom.

The weekend is a great opportunity to explore the deeper meaning of life and become more aware of your thoughts and emotions which inhibit to live your full potential.

In a group of like minded people we connect with our inherent joy, peace and creativity through spiritual practices: Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Heart Dance and Reiki. The weekend includes an Online Meeting with the Senior Assistent of Self-Realised Spiritual TeacherJohn David.

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Good result from practice stands on several important stones and what we eat – is one of them.

There is individual menu for each group depending on their practice. We are specialized on vegetarian food. It is healthy, nourishing, and it is always a lot! It is made from home made vegetables which grows in this area. We can also make vegan menu and non-vegetarian menu (chicken or fish). Coffee and tea breaks are possible.

Yoga & Meditation

For groups we offer to lead yoga and meditation in the morning. it is Hatha Yoga for different levels and simple meditation for calming you mind. It usually comes in the morning but evening sessions are possible

Water activity

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